Saturday, April 9, 2011

REVIEW: IT Cosmetics: Bye Bye Under Eye.

In my honest opinion, concealer can be a girls best friend. Scars, pimples, tattoos .. hickeys! If done right, with the right product, concealer can cover almost anything. I'm always buying & trying new products, looking for the "perfect" concealer. I have a few Holy Grail's in my collection, but it never hurts to have more than one fave, right? I was ecstatic when IT Cosmetics sent me this to review. Mainly because I've heard nothing but raves and good reviews about it.

I've been using Bye Bye Under Eye daily for almost 2 weeks, and I'm in love! It will literally cover anything, with very little product. I mean, just look at the photographic evidence! I already had my face makeup on when I took these photos, so I decided to use my tattoo as an example. My tattoo is black -- a very difficult color to cover, in my opinion, especially with such a light shade. I took a photo of the amount of product I used, and it literally covered my entire tattoo -- you couldn't even tell it was there.

IT Cosmetics offers four shades of this concealer. Light (for ultra fair skin), Neutral Medium (for light medium skin), Tan (for medium skin), and Deep (for dark tan skin). I'm very very fair complected, so it's hard for me to find concealers to match my skin tone. I'd say a good 50% of products that I try, even when in the lightest shade offered, are too dark for me. I got my hands on "Light" by IT Cosmetics, and it matches perfectly. I feel like the other colors offered are a great range, & will fit most anyone. I'm very tempted to buy one in each shade just for my professional kit. I'd love to see what my "clients" think.

With first application, you'll notice how thick this concealer is. I was scared at first, thinking it'd sit so heavy on my skin. I was wrong, though! Being thick, paired with the fact that this is a full coverage concealer, I was pleasantly surprised that it sits and wears so lightly. In most cases, anything described as "full coverage", is heavy, drying, and just plain cakey. I am PUMPED to use this as my Summer concealer. If you're anything like me, when you're hot and sweaty, the last thing you want to do is put on a bunch of heavy makeup. I think, if for nothing else, this is an amazing full coverage concealer for Summer!

I will say, this concealer isn't cheap. For $24.00, you get 0.28oz of product. If you don't mind paying price for quality, then I say GET IT! The fact that you use so little product for application makes it totally worth it for me.

My one and only complaint has to do with the thick consistency. I know I raved about it being so thick and sitting so well, but the fact that it's thick makes it difficult to squeeze out of the tube. I find myself squeezing harder than normal, and fearing the bottom end is gonna break out from pressure. It defiantly doesn't break my opinion, though, and I love this none-the-less.